Oceanic Proportions opens October 1st and runs through October 31. 
Artist Reception: First Friday, October 1st: 5:00-8:00pm.

All about Plankton. Rebecca carves these extraordinary organisms with awe and a deep awareness of our shared beginnings in the primeval oceanic soup.

Despite their extremely small size and short lives, plankton are vital to our own survival. In fact, these microscopic heroes are producing 75% of the oxygen on our planet. Floating at the ocean’s surface, billions of plankton are continuously creating oxygen from sunlight while providing food for other plankton, fish and whales.

"Mostly unseen and overlooked, plankton have found their outspoken friend and champion in me. Their lives and the health of their ocean habitat is my lifelong priority.

I utilize art and marine science to reveal the fascinating nature and personality of plankton. By creating playful public sculpture and hands-on educational materials, I hope to inspire people to love and protect the organisms that make life on earth possible." - Rebecca Welti

See more about Rebecca on her website: rebeccawelti.com 






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