Scanning the Room” presents work from 20 Asian American Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander (AANHPI) artists that speaks to identity, politics, and sentiment of how an AANHPI artist views their place as the Other in predominantly white spaces.

Featured Artists: Anida Yoeu Ali, Cheryll Leo-Gwin, Eliaichi Kimaro, Erin Shigaki, Hanako O'Leary, Jonathan Wakuda Fischer, June Sekiguchi, Lauren Iida, MalPina Chan, Marialina Wallace,  Michelle Kumata, Miya Sukune, Nari Baker, Paula Onodera Wong, Saya Moriyasu, Soo Hong, Teruko Nimura, Thuy-Van Vu, Trenton Quiocho, and Yoshi Nakagawa. The exhibition's concept was conceived by and exhibition is co-curated with June Sekiguchi.

To scan a room is an automatic response for many people in the AANHPI community to gauge the racial makeup of a space upon entering. Is it a factor of safety in an environment of increased Asian hate or simply as an observational awareness that is physically, emotionally and psychically increased when navigating spaces that have a majority Caucasian racial makeup. 

This exhibition runs during May, AANHPI month, observed annually in the United States to reflect upon and celebrate the contributions and influence of AANHPI Americans to the history, culture, and achievements of the US. 

Thank you to exhibition sponsor, Nashi Orchards and to gallery sponsor Beth deGroen.