Brian Fisher

Brian Fisher has lived and made art on Vashon Island, Washington since 1989. He shows locally and regionally. Brian has a long association with Vashon’s local print cooperative, Quartermaster Press having first joined the group in 1997.  He says, “All the art I make, print, oil on canvas, even my three-dimensional work, is informed or inspired by the printmaking process.”  

ARTIST STATEMENT: My art has its origin in story.  The story may be personally relevant, but often falls within the realm of classical myth and stories that encompass how our world came to be, who we are, what happens when we die and because we live now in this moment in time, what is our purpose?

Myth gave my bedtime its ritual and its closure.  My mother and my father, in particular, liked history.  H.G. Well's Outline of History and Homer's Iliad and the Odyssey were my bedtime stories.  So, myth is personal and the world beyond my bedroom door first made sense, was made familiar to me, through myth.

Brian Fisher
Albus by Brian Fisher
12 x 8 in.
Banyani by Brian Fisher
12 x 8 in.
Temple of the Winds by Brian Fisher
Temple of the Winds
24.5 x 13.5 in.
Prepare by Brian Fisher
19 x 37 in.
Argus and lo by Brian Fisher
Argus and lo
35.25 x 30 in.
Carnival of the Animals by Brian Fisher
Carnival of the Animals
14.5 x 21 in.
Prayer by Brian Fisher
19 x 37 in.
Sonata by Brian Fisher
32 x 7.5 in.
Tea Dance at the Pantheon by Brian Fisher
Tea Dance at the Pantheon
22 x 30 in.