Cathy Sarkowsky


Art is the foundation of my life. I am a painter, a collector, a seeker of vivid expressions of humanity. I see curiosity as an impetus to go deeper creatively, to explore ideas and investigate meaning. Whether actively engaged in fine art as a professional passion or simply experiencing daily life as a maker, I’m inspired by the promise of creative freedom and fascinated by the process of surrender necessary to access that potential.

The dynamic tensions in life are a recurring theme in my work. The juxtaposing forces of vulnerability and strength, fragility and toughness, tenderness and rage are rich with untapped possibilities for insights into the human narrative. Rather than attempting to impose order by isolating these potent phenomena, I am inclined to immerse myself in the myriad ways they play together.

My artistic philosophy is to let stories unfold, rather than to focus on generating any particular pre-conceived output, which requires me to let intuition and spontaneity dominate as I look to balance exacting line work and the unpredictable flow of ink. This process of artistic emancipation unleashes fantastic promise a

Cathy Sarkowsky
Patchwork 4x4 (1) by Cathy Sarkowsky
Patchwork 4x4 (1)
12 x 12 in.
Pulsation (2) by Cathy Sarkowsky
Pulsation (2)
12 x 17 in.
Patchwork Quilt 2 by Cathy Sarkowsky
Patchwork Quilt 2
22 x 22 in.