VCA is proud to present VIVA’s 6th annual Member Show, in which they invite their members to showcase one or two of their pieces. This year 85 Vashon artists are participating in one fo Vashon's largest collection of solely Vashon artists' artwork. This is the 4th year VCA has hosted the show and each year the artists, who are both our neighbors and friends, continue to amaze us. The diversity of this collection reflects the strength and breadth of the work being created on the island. 

VIVA seeks to connect artists to each other and the community, to support the needs of their members personally and artistically, to empower creativity through education and exhibition, and to preserve the artistic culture fundamental to our Island community.

This year's participants:

Michelle Bates 

Jeaneen  Bauer 

Christine Beck

Darsie Beck

Rose Belknap

Harvey Bergman

Chuck  Bonsteel 

Tara Brenno

Brian Brenno

Morgan Brig

Josie Cadman

Carolyn Candy

Diane Carr

Donna Caulton

William Cleaver

Donald Cole

Terry Donnelly

Sheila Eckman

Michael Elenko

Kim Farrell

Brian Fisher

Brette Flora

Beth Anne  Freiling

Rachel Fritz Watson

Jeff Good

Susan Gross

Barbara Dusty   Gustafson

Lisa Guy

Gretchen Hancock

Gail Hapeman

Peter Hapeman

Sue Hardy

Lin Holley

Ed Holmes

Bob Horsley

Pam Ingalls

Suzanna Leigh

Richard Lipke

Jennifer Loomis

Rachel  LordKenaga 

Gale Lurie

Kedar Mankad

Lynn McClain

Janis McElroy

Teresa  McFall

Annette Messitt

Adrian Moger

Sharon Munger

Kate Munson 

Cheryl Muonio

Jane Neubauer

Barbara Benedetti Newton

Christina Nichols

Ann Nicklason

Matt O'Meara

Mary O'Reilley

Rachael Osborn

Silvija Paza

Kent Phelan

Lynanne Raven

Hartmut Reimnitz

Ilse Reimnitz

Valerie Roberts

Paramasivam Samanna

Stephen Schildbach

John Schuh

Ann Leda  Shapiro

Sally Shivers

Marla Smith

Margaret Smith

Mary Jo Svendsen

Deborah Taylor

Jeanne Marie Thomas

Jeffrey Twersky

Margaret Tylczak

Janice Wall

Pamela Wickard

Barbara Wells

Sue Willingham

Amy Windus

John Woodard

Joan Wortis

Patricia Wronsky

Lenard Yen

Wade Yip