Tapestry Artists of Puget Sound (TAPS) is showing a collection created by 10 of its members. TAPS, founded in 1990 for the exchange of techniques, philosophy and inspiration within the world of tapestry. The group provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and an opportunity for critical review through discussion, exhibition and publication. 

Showing in this exhibition are Cecilia Blomberg, Marion Cragg, Joyce Hayes, Suzanne Hubbard, Mary Lane, Margo Macdonald, Katia Paroczi, Liz Pulos, Ellen Ramsey, and Julia Rapinoe.

In recent decades, as artists have embraced an increasing array of materials and methods in their practices, fiber and fiber processes have emerged as central players. Textiles’ strong materiality – texture, color, physicality – and their associative power – personal, cultural, and political - make them a potent resource in the contemporary maker’s toolkit. Within the wide and deep river of contemporary textiles, tapestry occupies a unique position. It possesses a robust physical materiality, a unique richness of color and a long history as a vehicle of communication in cultures throughout the world. A woven tapestry makes visible the time and labor involved in its making. Each pass of yarn across the structural warp, each crossing of the horizontal and vertical threads, is a record of the artist’s decisions and physical work.

In this context, the members of Tapestry Artists of Puget Sound (TAPS) are exploring the medium, each embracing an individual approach, all having developed a distinctive and mature body of work ranging in size from miniature to mural sized. 


The public is invited to free tapestry demos and participatory weaving for the community lead by TAPS members.

Tapestry Artists of Puget Sound (TAPS) will steward a demonstration and participatory activity “Women Weave the World”, from 10-5pm Friday, March 8, for our International Women's Day celebration “Coffee & Conversation. Frame looms are available for visitors to try their hand at weaving and also watch tapestry artists demonstrating their weaving. The weavers will return Saturday 12-5pm to steward more community weaving. In addition, come join them during our VCA Open House on Sunday, March 10, 1-3pm.